How To Choose Office Secret Santa Gifts

Santa Gifts

There are so many different things that can be said about this subject. Since you are here, reading these lines, you are most likely confused on what to choose. That is normal since buying Christmas gifts for your colleagues is a little difficult. After all, you do not know these people really well and you do not want to make a good choice.

Secret Santa Gifts How To Choose Office Secret Santa GiftsThe good news is that you cannot actually get things wrong with an office gift for Christmas. The nature of the Secret Santa idea is that Santa is secret so if the receiver does not like the gift, nothing bad will happen to you. However, it is always better for you that you offer an appreciated gift, right?

Think About The Receiver’s Personality

When you choose Secret Santa gifts, this is the one factor that counts the most. Based on the personality of the receiver, you can choose to have a gift that is personal, funny or professional. This is a type of information that you surely already have based on the interaction that you had with the person. If you two are friends, you have such a wide list available and you can basically buy anything from perfumes to funny coffee mugs.

Notes About Sense Of Humor

Not all people have the same sense of humor as you do. What you might think is really funny is sometimes considered as being appalling by others. Make sure that both you and the receiver share the same time of humor. For instance, a mug with a sarcastic comment on it would not be appreciated by those people that are not sarcastic.

In some situations, you should not even think about making your colleague laugh. That is the case when dealing with the strict, serious type. In this case, just go for something that can be really useful. Never try to make fun of someone’s lack of humor since that can easily lead to work conflicts. You do not want to see that happen.

Some Secret Santa Office Gift Ideas:

  • Pajamas – these are definitely unexpected
  • Hand warmers – great if the weather is cold
  • Ski socks – definitely great for the winter sports lover
  • Home decorations – vases, candles, pots and anything that would look great in a warm home
  • Gifts you can eat – biscuits, chocolates
  • Gifts you can drink – fine wine, tea, rare coffee, alcohol gift packs
  • Gadgets
  • Coffee mugs – always a favorite
  • iTunes gift cards for the music lover

How Much Should You Spend?

This is where sometimes problems appear. You should talk with the person that organizes Secret Santa in your office in order to get indications. In most cases the managers of this little project will set some limits so that most of the gifts fit in the same budget range. Do not worry too much though since in most occasions you do not have to spend so much. It is definitely the thought that counts in this case and the atmosphere that can be created.

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